Sunday, November 2, 2008

This election.

Well put, Concerned Girl. I agree with a lot of what you have said. I think the Yooks and the Zooks are focused on different things...different reasons propelling them to butter their bread in their customary way. It is interesting to look at things in oversimplified terms like a children's book. Interesting because it makes things even more complicated.

I have always been pretty opposed to the two-party- dominated nonsense that we call politics. I am now stuck in a very difficult position. Do I vote third party and "throw my vote away" or do I choose the lesser of two evils? And what would that choice even look like?

From my perch up here on the wall, one party is prettier and says a lot of nice things about helping people. It is all ducks and bunnies on that side of the wall. The other side is far less ducks and bunnies over there. That side is not fuzzy or soft. It is hard and loud. It's oh, I don't know, an air conditioning unit. So, what's a gal to do? Ducks and Bunnies or Air Conditioning Unit? Now this has turned into a metaphor within a metaphor. First the Butter Battle Book and now the Baby Animals and Appliances. This is out of control.

I like the principles behind Democratic ideals. I want people to have all of their liberties. And live in a society with options. I don't like how those options always end up to expand government in ways I don't see fit.

I also like the free-market ideals and personal responsibility that the Republican's stand for. I also like their views on education. I don't like how religious convictions get into the mix.

So, I found myself in quite the little pickle here. Ducks and Bunnies or Air Conditioning Unit?

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