Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Re: Education Woes

Education is the key and there is nothing cliche about it. Mrs. Whimsy, the experience you shared in your post is what I wish for all students. I admire you so much for all you have done to help your students. They needed someone like you to care for them and show them that they are important individuals. There was a time when I considered going back to school to become an educator. It was my experience in various social work positions that made me change my mind. It would be very hard for me to teach in a public school and not be able to focus on each individual student as needed. 

Youth of all ages today have a lot on their plate. Most students do not leave school for the day with the luxury to do homework, play, and eat a nutritious dinner. Working as a home-based Family Literacy Teacher it became evident to me that there are a lot of children who are barely getting by at home. If I were in the position I would make sure our government is putting as much money into our schools as possible. I think there are a lot of programs that could be initiated into public schools as well as adding more alternative/charter schools.  

I realize I am no expert when it comes to this subject, but I have spent a lot of my own time thinking about what schools could use. Perhaps these things are already out there - I don't know.. Here is a list of things I think could help schools:

-Survey families of students to see what resources the family may need
-initiate mental health programs as early as possible.
-reach out to teenagers with violence prevention groups...do more to decrease bullying
-never abide by sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me...words do hurt and kids picking on other kids should not be tolerated
-allow different testing options to account for different learning styles
-healthy food choices
-electives and allowing students the option to design their own courses 
-more money - I have been in public schools that lack toilet paper..this is not acceptable!
-helping teachers get the resources they need and flexibility to teach their students the best way possible

I think raising more awareness in the community is the first step. Mrs. Whimsy, can you comment on your experience working with the families of the students? I am curious, from an alternative school perspective, to hear your experiences! 

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