Saturday, November 1, 2008

Re: First on the Agenda: This Damn Election

Unfortunately I have not read  Dr. Seuss's "The Butter Battle Book", but I think I will as soon as I can. The very thought of this book makes me think about how our society works and why there are so many walls built on what should be common ground. I would like to state my reaction to the description of this book and then tie that in to my thoughts towards the 2008 election. 

 I think the concept of this book is brilliant in a way that a simple act like buttering bread can cause such problems in the lives of the Yooks and Zooks. I feel the way one butters their bread is a freedom that both the Yooks and the Zooks should be able to exercise whenever and wherever. What is wrong in this fictional society that forces two groups to become so angry and forcefully build a wall to keep them divided? Both the Yooks and the Zooks feel so strongly about their buttering styles that they cannot even ascertain the idea of learning about each other's differences. 

This book can open up the door to many discussions on so many important topics. Where do we learn to butter our bread? Do we always do as we are told? Even though I will always butter my bread on top I would not outcast an individual who likes slippery hands. From a systemic perspective I feel people abide by rules and learn values from their adult caretakers as well as his/her environment. To me a good caretaker will show their child  the way but let him or her make the final decision. This does not mean that I think it's appropriate for people to do harmful things to each other like obliterating an entire group like the Yooks(?). What I am getting from the synopsis of this book is that both sides cannot look past their own way of thinking. 

Right now we have the Yooks and the Zooks in the very real present. We have those who believe in gay marriage and gay rights, abortion, and those who do not believe in either. I admit that because I strongly believe in and advocate for equality for every individual it is hard for me to really understand someone who opposes. I have every right to believe in the things I do but I should exercise my right to also understand where another group comes from. I have always proudly sided with the Democratic Party because I see the people that have power using it wisely to help others. The theoretical wall that I have a hard time knocking down has people like John McCain and Sarah Palin on the other side. People that say that their way is the only way. We only get this one life. I am so fortunate for all that I have, especially my freedom to be pro choice, and it makes me feel sick to my stomach to know someone doesn't want me to have that.

I admit that I don't think either party will ever be perfect but change is needed for a better future. There is A LOT of work to be done and who knows how much will get done in the next four years. That being said at least someone is supplying the bricks so that others can build the house. I really rambled on and on here but I want to hear other thoughts? What kind of issues come up for you in reading these posts? Do you think it is safe to keep even a theoretical wall?

Thanks Natalie for initiating such a thought provoking first post!!!


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